Opinion: Your gain may come at everyone’s loss

This must stop!

As the world wastes in the fire of Frost’s “desire” — wanting to ‘win’ at all cost — the “ice that would as well suffice” of teenage-trapped thinking simply, in the misgivings of pretense, roils in secret supremacy for Trump, the Kochs, the Mercers and their oligarchical confederates! I burn for a sensible electorate planning for the health and welfare of our children!

We must, in order to waylay any further climatic and/or geologic disarray, maintain as well as possible the efficiency of our planet’s system! That means preserving the Earth’s component parts. Especially its verdurous and dominant oceans, with teeming gulfstreams or its subterranean bizarres, and, most importantly, its climate regulating, frozen polar icecaps and permafrost tundra. And, of course, all its prolific, energy-recombinating species and carbon-sequestration. A waste conversion reinforced by equatorial or temporal rainforests (the largest of which, our Tongass) to enable at, the very least, the quality of life we today enjoy.

We cannot sully the Tongass system dynamo with unnecessary industrial intrusions that will allow the maggot-like explosion of the current status-quo for human progress!

Capitalism has been “gamed’ by this lazy, adolescent-mind and, as a consequence, the cheap, “my gain” over everything else mission is taking civilization, and the planet, right down to perpetual misery and death with their unwitting suicide! This must stop! For our children, and all future generations, before this culture is trying to live with Jules Verne, “20,000 Fathoms Below The Sea!”

John Sonin,


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