Dr. Al Gross (courtesy photo)

Dr. Al Gross (courtesy photo)

Opinion: When was the last time you felt Southeast Alaska was truly represented in the Senate?

I’ve seen Al’s Southeast Alaskan skill set and expertise first hand.

Dr. Al Gross has been a medical colleague and business partner of mine for 24 years. In that time, I’ve seen Al’s Southeast Alaskan skill set and expertise first hand. Providing medical care is different here, where remote services are the norm, not the exception. Al understands the health care access issues unique to Alaska through decades of work here as a surgeon. As a physician, Al has the training and knowledge necessary to understand the science behind issues that affect us like the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.

Outside of the medical field, Al has years of hands-on experience as a commercial fisherman. A recreational fisherman myself, I want our waters to stay clean and habitable for generations of salmon and halibut. Al has prioritized the oceans and will give southeast Alaska a seat at the table for fisheries issues and marine sciences initiatives. Al will work hard to ensure fishing remains a staple of southeast Alaskan business and recreation for years to come.

I’ve known Al for a long time. He works hard, works smart, and he gets the job done. Let’s embrace this opportunity for true southeast Alaskan representation, and send Dr. Al Gross to the United States Senate.

John P. Bursell, MD,


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