Opinion: Weldon cares about kids

Opinion: Weldon cares about kids

Beth Weldon knows about the challenges of raising children in Juneau – from finding child care for her preschool age children, especially when she worked 24 hour shifts — to supporting her boys as they got involved in school activities and sports. We too are raising our children in this community and appreciate the work that Weldon has done over the years supporting education as a parent on school site councils; and as a parent volunteer running fundraisers so all kids wanting to participate could do so — realizing that not all families are able to contribute to expensive activities. Her efforts include her work on the Assembly supporting school funding to the maximum amount allowed by law and above the cap for certain programs. Beth was especially creative as she tackled the problem of a $40,000 shortfall in the Juneau-Douglas High School Auto Shop program. Realizing that not all kids are college-bound, she found a way to solve this problem and auto shop is fully functioning this school year. As co-owner with her husband Greg of their auto parts business, she knows that Juneau will need people trained to take over the next generation of vocational positions in Juneau.

Weldon cares about kids and has demonstrated this consistently over the years, working hard for your families and ours. She is just the right kind of person we want leading the Assembly as mayor, and we urge you to join us in voting for her for mayor today.

Daniel and Kayla Price,


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