Opinion: We need to pick up trash around Juneau.

Do you love our planet?

Do you love our planet? If you do, keep reading!

As a community, we need to pick up trash around Juneau.

If we don’t pick up our trash, it is dangerous for animals and may end up in the ocean.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration states “Each year, billions of pounds of trash and other pollutants enter the ocean.” The ocean is full with trash and it hurts the animals.

A lot of people use plastic and it does not decompose. If this plastic gets littered, it never goes away, so we need to pick up the plastic. NOAA says, “plastic never completely decomposes.” It breaks up into microplastic and never goes away.

COVID-19 happened this year in 2020, so our community did not do its yearly trash pick up. Now, people need to pick up on their own. The trash is ugly and needs to be cleaned up. I see lots of trash around town.

Let’s come together and clean up Juneau. We need to protect our animals and make it beautiful. If you see trash, pick it up please. It will help our community and ocean and give us an activity to do during COVID-19 time.

Clara Van Kirk,

Fourth-grade student in Ms. Wright’s Class at Auke Bay Elementary School

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