Opinion: Walker is ‘Dunleavy light’

Opinion: Walker is ‘Dunleavy light’

The three-way race for governor has brought much hand-wringing among Alaskans.

Bill Walker undid nine years of work to protect salmon on the Chuitna and opposes the Stand for Salmon initiative. Mark Begich is the only candidate to support Proposition 1.

If the Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade, only Mark Begich is on record as a supporter of women’s rights. If abortion law falls to the states, only Begich would protect legal access to it.

If the Supreme Court undoes protections for the LGBTQ community, Begich is the only candidate who would protect Alaskans’ fundamental rights.

Walker slashed the PFD in half, the most regressive tax option on the table. Begich would restore much of that PFD, secure its principle, and use the interest for further payments and to fund education.

Dunleavy dreams of another economic boom but has no plans to make it happen. Walker decided to tax the poor the hardest, cut to the bone, and spend our savings.

Only Begich has a plan to restore Alaska to solvency. If all that wasn’t enough, Walker personally donated to the campaign of Dunleavy.

You can vote for Dunleavy, Dunleavy light, or Mark Begich. The choice is clear.

William Nye,


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