Opinion: Vote out Don Young

Young’s leadership never changes, but we can change out Young.

I recently wrote U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, asking the Dean of the House to demonstrate his leadership by holding President Donald Trump accountable for high crimes and misdemeanors. Young replied that he has “not seen evidence of an impeachable offense” and believes the impeachment effort “is a waste of time.” The Congress, he said, should focus its attention on making our country a better place.

Young voted to impeach Bill Clinton for lying to cover up an affair with an intern. But, now, when the most fraudulent U.S. president ever withholds vital, appropriated, military aid and extorts a foreign country to interfere in our election in support of his campaign, it’s not an impeachable offense?

Young’s leadership never changes, but we can change out Young. It’s time to bring “Head-butt” Don, his famous oosik, and his wall of dead animals home, and repaint the office for an new occupant. We will have made our country a better place when Alyse Galvin decorates her new D.C. office in January 2021, with photographs of Alaska’s living wildlife and its sweeping public lands, all protected despite the “leadership” of Alaska’s previous representative. I’m sending Galvin another donation.

Mike Taylor,


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