Opinion: Vote for who’s working for our future

Opinion: Vote for who’s working for our future

Thanks to Gov. Bill Walker for his four years of service.

He really did his best to put Alaska first under some tough circumstances. On the election, as has been written in numerous letters to the paper and most recently said by Walker himself, Sen. Mike Dunleavy would be a disaster as governor. But the governor’s race is only part of what matters in the election. Who we have representing us in the state House and Senate makes a big difference as well.

For the first time in a while, there was a moderate bipartisan group leading the House. What progress has been made the past few years is largely due to them and the governor working together. Sadly, they have been targeted by the Alaska Republican party for their lack of ideological purity. It’s pretty sad when people trying to advance a sustainable fiscal plan for the state are under attack. For me, this just points out the rot and corruption in the party resulting from way too much money from outside groups for way too long. I’m sure former governors Jay Hammond and Wally Hickel wouldn’t recognize their party today. If they are able to take back a few seats they may be able to reverse what progress we have been able to make recently. As always, it’s likely the votes for our local House and Senate seats will be close. When you vote, please look at who’s working for our future and who’s just out to play political games.

Jeff Barnard,