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Opinion: Vote for the fisherman

I plan to.

As a member of ALFA, ATA, BBFA, SPC and FVOA in good standing, I would like fellow members to consider dropping out of UFA because of not supporting Dr. Al Gross for the United States . UFA always says vote fish. Well, then vote for the fisherman, Al Gross. we haven’t had a good fisheries senator in the U.S. Senate since Ted Stevens, Warren Magnuson or JFK — Saltonstall Kennedy grants for fishermen. To not vote for a fisherman is a punch in the gut for a fisherman of 40 years like myself or Al. A fisherman that works his way from the back deck to become a doctor and yet still fishes. If I have a fisheries question i don’t have to spend two hours trying to explain the IFQ 3% tax mismanagement. Mostly because i would be lucky to get 10 minutes from Sullivan. Or, how about the wasteful and highly unregulated bycatch of Bering Sea Halibut. Which hurts many communities throughout the state, including Juneau where Al Gross grew up. He understands these problems because he has lived them and seen his friends hurt because of them. So please consider dropping out of UFA.

I have quit UFA.

Michael Mayo,


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