Opinion: Vote for change in the Shee Atiká boardroom

Opinion: Vote for change in the Shee Atiká boardroom

The annual board election is in May.

Shee Atiká, Inc. will be holding its annual board election in May. Although Shee Atiká has incurred huge financial losses and sold most of our land, the majority of the board continue to support CEO Ken Cameron and Chair Pamela Steffes.

Shee Atiká is offering $25 to each shareholder who votes the board proxy. The board slate includes the management candidates and two shareholders who applied to run on their proxy. Any shareholder who votes for the independent “owner” proxy is not eligible for the $25. Shareholders who vote for the board proxy are also be eligible for additional cash prizes ranging from $100-$1,000.

Although Shee Atiká is offering $25 to vote for corporate slate, remember this is the same board that reduced your dividend, funeral benefits and sold the majority of our land. They approved raises for Cameron and his reported salary is $418,659. Steffes’ compensation was $31,790 in 2018.

Ten percent of Shee Atiká shareholders reside in Juneau. Please consider voting for the independent owner slate. Dionne Brady-Howard, Norma Perkins and Jim Wilkins are running to represent you, and bring much needed changes to the Shee Atiká boardroom. Your independent proxy will arrive in the mail soon.

Clarice Johnson,


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