Opinion: The tourism industry must be held accountable

“All too comfortably numb disregard for the well being of Juneau residents.”

Is the local “visitor industry’” in a coma, delusion or just arrogantly stupid?

Is anyone else furious that cruise passengers with COVID were denied re-boarding to their ships , and put on planes and ferries to infect other travelers in Alaska.

Does anyone else remember the “visitor industry” dumping millions of pounds of ship rubbish in our landfill that they know has a limited lifespan ?

This “industry,” like other bloated and greedy hogs at the trough, fills the pockets of a few wealthy tour operators and shop owners. The employees do catch the crumbs brushed off the table.

Therefore, these villains are considered “essential to the economy.”

Given that, will our overpaid city officials please hold these industry rogues accountable for their all too comfortably numb disregard for the well-being of Juneau residents.

Garri Constantine,


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