Opinion: The Senate must provide a check against failed leadership

Please vote to welcome Dr. Al Gross to the new Senate majority.

For thousands of years, tyrants have depended on human sacrifice to cling to power. President Donald Trump has brought us to a new height of horror, luring thousands of the maskless to attend his rallies, shouting and infecting each other, after already dooming tens of thousands of Americans to death by dishonestly assuring them, months ago, that COVID-19 is “just the flu” and “will be gone, soon.” His deception tragically continues. Every day now, the United States loses to COVID 19 the equivalent of at least five fully-loaded 737 jetliners crashing, killing everyone on board. Every day. Today.

Surely Sen. Dan Sullivan feels terrible about his role in enabling, tolerating, thus causing this loss of life, and in requiring trillions of dollars to be borrowed from our children to keep our fellow Americans fed and housed while they suffer the awful economic and spiritual human sacrifices of this president’s failed leadership — by failing to check the president in any way.

Today, Senator Sullivan should know better than to rubber stamp the administration’s huge defense spending bills — most of which is to buy very costly weapons systems that are for obsolete national security threats, or don’t work or are immoral WMD — while leaving the military health care system underfunded and inadequate.

Please vote to welcome Dr. Al Gross to the new Senate majority, and for the fresh air of Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris.

William C. Leighty,


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