Opinion: The funnies are no longer funny

Now, it is just flighty stuff.

It was pleasing to me to read the letter to you from a gentlemen who is a longtime subscriber to the Juneau Empire. The gentleman mentioned his dissatisfaction with the time of delivery and the new stripped down set of comics or as I learned as a child were called funnies. Well, it is sad that our paper has to come at the time it does for many of your readers. I am grateful, however, that it is now coming on a regular basis. I understand it had become unavoidable even if untimely for some.

I have subscribed to the Empire off and mostly on for all of its changes for 58 years. What has become a severe disappointment to me is that all of the good old funnies are gone! “Blondie,” “Peanuts,” “Baby Blues,” “Beetle Bailey” not to mention the clever “Zits” and the much-needed “Arctic Circle” to remind us of climate change. Now, it is just flighty stuff with “Garfield” remaining. And why did we need the new advice column? Dear Abby was sufficient. To tell you the truth, I have absolutely no interest in reading these mindless “funnies,” which are not that funny. And what used to be the treat for solving the crossword puzzle, I just do not bother with either. The paper is not fun anymore.

Suzanne Haight,