Opinion: The federal government is complicit in a drug epidemic

Too many children are being robbed of their lives from these drugs.

As a parent, grandparent, and a local business owner; I am dismayed with the ongoing news of our nation’s lack of homeland security.

When I turn on the news or read the newspaper, it is apparent that the president of the United States and his administration are doing nothing to protect our innocent children from illegal immigrants smuggling poisonous drugs across United States’ borders.

Too many children are being robbed of their lives from these drugs, not to mention the horrific impact this has on the children’s families and loved ones. I am a parent that has firsthand experiences with some family members with drug addiction and know dozens of other parents with the same heart-breaking experiences, hopelessly watching our perfectly healthy and vibrant child rot away from drugs. The cost of this epidemic is not limited to just the parents, it is everyone who pays taxes suffer as well.

In addition, my business has had a profound impact within our commercial fleet of trucks as we are required to follow the detailed drug testing guidelines for my employees. Recently, we had to eliminate our commercial trucking section of the business, solely due to drugs. Drug testing staff daily has become too much of a liability and has caused great stress to all. It is so ironic, the very authority who demands business owners to drug test and ensure a drug-free employee, turn around and legalizes the use of drugs.

In closing, the government can take control of this situation and stop the drug overflow. However, they choose not to. In my opinion, this makes the government just as guilty of poisoning our children as the drug peddlers themselves.

William Tonsgard Jr.,


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