Opinion: That was a horrible cartoon choice

Opinion: That was a horrible cartoon choice

I cannot believe it ran.

I cannot believe that an editor would approve publishing the cartoon on the bottom of Page A5 on June 2, 2020, depicting a donkey with a knee on the neck of Uncle Sam with the words “I can’t breathe” surrounded by verbage that is so skewed to anti-Democrat/Right Wing extremism with “DEMS” on the car license plate. I could not read the cartoonist name in the very dark lower right corner, but they should be ashamed as should the editor. To use this cartoon display, which politicizes and mocks the death of George Floyd, and pours fuel on the divisiveness in our country is not responsible, nor helpful. People are hurting and are enraged across the country and world. To insinuate that only Democrats “policies and positions” are causing the death of America is a step way too far. I would react similarly if this cartoon depicted an elephant with Republican skewed “policies and positions” was published at this time.

It is not helpful to the community discussion or attempts to calm.

Nancy Davis,


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