Opinion: Take medical advice from health care pros, not the internet

It is wise to get vaccinated and to mask up.

I would like to comment on the statements in the Friday paper from people who protested the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly extending COVID-19 policies.

Going to social media or the web for medical information is dangerous. Both Russia and China are spreading misinformation. They are not the only ones. On the internet, you can find sites that proclaim the Holocaust never happened, man has not landed on the moon, there are alien abductions, Trump won the election and big foot and the Loch Ness monster exist. Some sites have recommended taking medicine for horses for the virus.

You do have a choice of not masking up and not getting vaccinated and to join the 700,000 Americans who have died. But you don’t have a right to take someone else with you.

One person pointed out that the members of the Assembly are not experts. They do not claim to be, and neither is the person protesting. The Assembly is following the advice of the doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization also recommend getting vaccinated and masking up. Both my doctor and my dentist have told me to get vaccinated and to mask up. With Alaska spiraling up with the virus and deaths, what other evidence to you need? It is wise to get vaccinated and to mask up.

Gary Miller,

Juneau Empire

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