Opinion: Senators must stand with Alaskans, vote for Build Back Better bills

Of what value to Alaska and our predominantly Indigenous population are our Congressional Senate proxies when, instead of voting for the interests of Alaskans, they choose to vote strategically with a Republican Party led by a reconstituting confederacy that seeks only to achieve power and control over the largest economy our-world-has-ever-seen? It seems their plan to achieve this is by assuring the oldest democracy the world-has-ever-seen is incrementally demeaned until autocracy is all that can replace it!

To sustain democracy — currently the most efficient form of governance bestowing the greatest quality-of-life to the greatest number of its people, available — requires from each of us exerting our best effort for its efficiency. When the electoral majority turns lazy believing democracy another’s duty, despotic tyranny is born! An electorate bred for the autocrat to manipulate, and wherein the effortless Filibuster finds favor!

The Freedom to Vote Act assures we can remain in charge of our own destiny. Passage of this Act with the Biden ‘Build Back Better’ plan, the Protecting the Right to Organize or PRO Act (unionizing labor gave birth to American democracy back in its origin of Jamestown, Virginia) is not just a benefit to Alaska and its children, but fulfills the Constitutional Oath our senators swore.

Is it not then, the fiduciary requirement of our Congressional delegation to ignore their Party’s confederate objectives, overturn the Filibuster and Stand for the Indigenous of Alaska with passage of these Build Back Better bills?

John S. Sonin,


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