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Opinion: Republican leaders are no longer role models

Their actions are decimating the party and future generations.

Republican leaders are not only demeaning but decimating the party that formulated the sense of propriety I achieved through adolescence. Watching these “models of proper adulthood” confuse the analysis of cost/benefit pricing to accumulate capital with the intrinsic value of human life, almost as if they were themselves just walking dead, almost makes me want to weep.

Their hell-bent prioritizing of gun manufacturers and military-weapons producers disregarding the cultural cost and consequence of civil dissolution is suicidal not only for their party but my nation. Not only are they focusing energy on a Sparta-like national mission but the current policy-setting agenda has been advising the Commander-in-Tweet to license hate-groups.

I fear that “Republican bulwark of mannered civility,” generating my social conscious of my youth, is being purged and banished from society before Bannon and Miller can be extradited, with their demagogue, to Siberia or Mars, maybe?

Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, we all must agree that destroying the fabric of relationships that bind society, our nation, will, and is, wreaking a catastrophe on our Union! It seems clear this is the intent of McConnell’s Republican leadership. The party’s inordinate amount of attention to personality preferences and their cult-like loyalty to them, often forsaking any semblance of allegiance to our constitution (as long as their and Trump’s treasonous true intentions can be socially-denied through behaviors unaccountable), is decimating not only the Republican Party, but is demoralizing our future generations.

After witnessing the unaccountable Kavanaugh voting by the last two Senate women who could have proven themselves heroic, I fear the far-right shift of this party’s historic modeling of morality, even as members of the gender that can yet save the day, no longer can stand as representing the nation’s, nor Alaska’s, interests. When making voting selections this cycle, we’d do right to opt for the female gender, but we’d do best to stay away from abetting this Republican Party’s masochistic suicide…it’s only precipitating OUR civil Armageddon!

John Sonin,


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