Opinion: Proposed Medicare waiver doesn’t help rural communities

Are these changes offered most deplorable, yes.

The proposed changes to the Medicaid waiver process do not help those of the most needed but restrict and reduce their care. This is particularly true for the rural communities where care and staffing has the most limited availability to resources.

The proposed changes are more ambiguous and an apparent attempt to reduce or prevent the intent of Alaskans receiving the most care to the most vulnerable.

Altering language making more requests subjective to interpretation only increases delay in services and burdens the appeal process with further increases in expenses for everyone. This tactic is an unfortunate and unethical legal maneuver that discourages the most vulnerable and erodes hope to many already feeling hopeless.

The proposed changes further demonstrates a numerical value is being forced upon life itself to the most economically deprived, the most physically and mentally challenged, the most defenseless and most helpless.

Worse yet the proposed changes are submitted by those who should be the most protective of the most vulnerable in Alaska society.

Are these changes offered most deplorable, yes.

James Studley,


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