Opinion: Pro-democracy bill must be passed —and soon

“The Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act is a comprehensive pro-democracy bill…”

Sen. Dan Sullivan has shown Alaska where his true allegiance resides, and it’s not with the state he took an oath to preserve and protect.

The Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act is a comprehensive pro-democracy bill that would get big money out of politics, stop partisan gerrymandering, strengthen the Voting Rights Act, and empower all Americans to have their voices heard in our democracy.

This bill includes many well-tested solutions that have been passed in red, blue, and purple states, evn local communities, often with strong bipartisan support, but because of arcane Senate rules, it cannot be passed without reform of a rule created to appease the post Civil War, splintered minds of a defeated confederacy.

It’s time the Senate recognizes that it needs to reform this rule that has been holding back important legislation preventing our “more perfect union.” Until all these Republican officials quit their allegiance to egotistical self-gain — seeking power for its own sake by aligning with party leaders who prioritize voting in bloc so as to squelch the mind of democracy and convert these United States into an autocratic tyranny — over the principle of democracy, they must fulfill their oath and end the filibuster. Doing so will allow passage of the Freedom to Vote: John Lewis Voting Rights Act — before the Midterms — reaffirming to the world what democracy in our United States of America can achieve.

John S, Sonin,


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