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Opinion: PRO Act comes with many cons

Alaskans would be better off if politicians in Washington focused on real solutions.

Alaskan workers and businesses would be better off if politicians in Washington focused on real solutions to address the issues we face, rather than catering to the demands of their political donors. That is especially true in the case of the almost comically misnamed Protecting the Right to Organize Act (“PRO Act” for short).

The PRO Act would overturn decades of established labor law to give big union bosses more power and control at the expense of our local businesses and entire economy. If passed, it would tip the scales so far in unions’ favor that they would essentially be able to force unionization onto workers and workplaces.

This bill would threaten workers’ right to privacy, create new costs and liabilities for business owners, and make it harder for Alaskans to operate as independent contractors, limiting economic opportunities while making it harder for businesses to operate effectively.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has long done what is right for Alaskans. She should continue to do so by opposing the PRO Act and ensuring it does not pass Congress in any form — whether as a standalone bill or as part of other legislation like the budget.

Mike Early


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