The Juneau Arts & Culture Center on Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019. (Michael Penn | Juneau Empire)

The Juneau Arts & Culture Center on Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019. (Michael Penn | Juneau Empire)

Opinion: New JACC makes good economic sense for Juneau

New JACC can keep its head above water.

I’m for the NEW JACC because it makes good economic common sense. The NEW JACC concept has evolved from purely an arts and culture center, to complementing Centennial Hall by providing additional capacity for larger conventions that we have had to forego and providing a venue for locals as well as for tourists seeking local flavor. With the added tourism component, I’m convinced the NEW JACC can keep its’ “head above water.” The development of the neighboring Mental Health Trust Lands on the water will probably result in a new cruise ship dock, possibly one that will serve two ships simultaneously. The NEW JACC should benefit significantly from this development.

As our economic mainstay, government, declines, we should continue to develop Juneau to enhance other sectors of our economy. Amenities such as the new JACC improve the quality of life in Juneau thereby retaining residents and attracting folks from down south as they discover the excellent quality of life that we all enjoy. We have a market of over 1.3 million yearly tourists who think Juneau has something to offer. The JACC can be the doorway to introduce those who have a greater interest in Juneau, than solely as tourists. As times change, we need to be willing to invest in our community; there is nothing worse than stagnating in response to change. Along with the improvements to Centennial Hall provided in Prop 2, it is legitimate to ask the citizens to vote “yes” on Proposition 3 which uses existing sales tax revenue for the NEW JACC.

William Heumann,


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