Opinion: My opinion on why the police didn’t enter the Uvalde school

My logical opinion on why the police didn’t enter the Uvalde school for over an hour after the massacre took place is that in their training it was brought to their attention the decapitating capabilities of an AR-15-style weapon in the hands of a psychopath. I’m sure this must have weighed heavily on the officers’ decisions.

The thing that bothers me about this horrific incident and many others like it, is that some politicians focus on the psychological state of the perpetrator. Maybe they don’t have time to watch or listen to the news. If they did, they would learn about the horrible psychological effects that will last a lifetime for the students and teachers who witness the mutilation of their friends and classmates!! The communities involved in these tragedies are brought to their knees pleading to the NRA supporting politicians for gun reform. Hand grenades and bazookas are examples of arms banned from sale to the general public. It seems to me any logical person would consider an AR-15 or any replica to be in that same category.

I watched the debate of Alaska nominees running for the U.S. Senate and felt compelled to make Democratic candidate Patricia R. Chesbro my first choice in the midterm elections. Not only for her stand on banning the sale of assault rifles to the general public, but the loss of one Democratic seat in the Senate would turn the power of the Senate over to the election deniers!

Floyd Peterson,


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