Opinion: Murkowski should oppose pro-union bill

I hope Senator Murkowski sees how the PRO Act is wrong for Alaska.

Politicians in Washington, D.C., are considering major changes to federal labor laws that would give unions even more power to force their agenda on Alaska workers and workplaces. If passed, the Democratic-led “Protecting the Right to Organize Act” would threaten Alaska businesses, workers’ rights, and our economy. Senator Murkowski should fight hard to stop this harmful legislation.

Supporters claim the PRO Act is all about protecting the rights of workers, when in reality it would remove some of their most important ones. That includes the right to privacy, as the PRO Act would force employers to give out their employees’ personal information to union organizers with no way for workers to provide consent or opt out. The bill also does away with the secret ballot vote during union elections, instead forcing workers to vote by simply, and publicly, signing a card.

These measures are clearly designed to tilt the scales in favor of unionization. The same could be said about a provision that would allow unions to engage in nearly unlimited picketing—even against companies that have nothing to do with a labor dispute—which just exposes local businesses and consumers to the potential for harassment.

The only ones who benefit from the PRO Act are unions and union bosses. Everyone else—from workers to local business owners—would lose out. I hope Senator Murkowski sees how the PRO Act is wrong for Alaska.

Alan Plotnick,


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