Opinion: Multi-state lottery is one way to solve Alaska’s budget crisis

Opinion: Multi-state lottery is one way to solve Alaska’s budget crisis

Alaskans overwhelmingly support a lottery.

There are more ways to help solve the budget crisis other than not returning all PFDs to Alaskans that were taken in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

I am currently working on my master’s of public administration capstone on one such method. While it would require extensive changes to Alaska Statute title 5 chapter 15, the concept would provide Alaska with two new sources of revenue for the Legislature to use to assist with the budget as they deem necessary, four new trust funds that supplement traditional funding to education, health care, Alaska communities and nonprofits, as well as two other trusts. An additional benefit is that one part — prize-linked savings — creates an encouragement for Alaskans to save.

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None of the historical reasons for Alaska not participating in the multi-state lotteries remain relevant today. Data publicly available prove Alaska both populous and dense enough to support a multi-state lottery. A survey indicates with a 99 percent certainty that 83.61-89.99 percent of Alaskans would like the opportunity to play a multi-state lottery in Alaska.

If you want PFD backpay and you want a lottery in Alaska, call your legislator.

Tracy Hansen,


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