Opinion: May we have a return to civility, tolerance and respect

When I think of the millions spent on ads, I think of the good that money could have doneā€¦

I’d like to start off by saying I appreciated the My Turn written my Lilli Reynolds and agree with her take on political division, name-calling by the candidates and the total lack of respect and/or understanding of others’ points of view.

[Opinion: I find out political division concerning]

If I may, I’d like to expand on the lack of respect shown by the candidates, not only for each other, but for the electorate as well. The political ads are full of attacks, half-truths and some downright lies. Add to that these ads are shown multiple times an hour, twenty-four hours a day. Not to mention mailings, phone calls and texts. Do the candidates and the people for and against the ballot measures really have so little respect for the voters that they feel the need to pound their rhetoric into our heads for hours, days, months? Do they think we actually watch them after seeing them once or twice?

In my opinion, this is an embarrassing display of democracy in action. I wonder if this is inspiring young people to participate in the political process or choose public service? I think not.

Lastly, when I think of the millions spent on these ads, I think of the good that money could have done, or could be doing, for the community and for the country, especially in this time of crisis, when so many are struggling and in need.

May we heed Lilli’s call for understanding and tolerance of points of view other than our own, and may we all be respectful of each other. Without more civility, I honestly fear for our country’s future.

Sally Slater,


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