Opinion: Let’s find ways to help our community

Opinion: Let’s find ways to help our community

It’s a no-brainer.

Recently, our daughter has offered to pick up items for us when she shops at Costco.

Then, I saw that the CBJ had made it easier to obtain a designated shopper card so she/we would not have to pay sales tax on food she purchases for us. Without thinking, I applied for this card. After I received it, we were discussing the logistics of who would carry the tax exempt card. She suggested we could forego the exemption since the city would be losing a lot of money from all the businesses closed during our “hunkering down.”

What a no-brainer.

As retired people, we don’t need to worry about lost jobs. What some people call a “limited income, we have always considered a guaranteed income. No,w we will have thousands of dollars added to our bank account from legislation approved this week. We can more than afford to pay sales tax on our food. It will only help CBJ a little bit but we are helping where we can and this is an easy one. If others do the same, it will make a little more difference.

Let’s all find as many ways as possible to help our community.

Judy and Jay Crondahl


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