Andi Story is running for Alaska House District 34. (Michael Pennn | Juneau Empire)

Andi Story is running for Alaska House District 34. (Michael Pennn | Juneau Empire)

Opinion: Let’s elect Andi Story

Working for 20 years in banking and housing afforded me a “hands-on” understanding of our regional economy and the struggles created by massive state budget cuts.

With the state’s current financial constraints, we must have someone in the state House who has demonstrated experience of addressing financial and policy issues in the legislative process.

I am voting for Andi Story for state House because she has an established history of finding solutions and working with colleagues to implement them.

Story has statewide experience and name recognition and has established relationships with policy makers throughout the state. These relationships will be essential for negotiating Juneau’s priorities with other districts.

Story’s base of support and her political values are much more inclusive than her opponent.

Alaskans are anxious to resolve the state’s budget crisis. We are nearly out of savings, the population is declining, and business are reluctant to invest here because of economic instability.

Creating a long-term financial solution will require courage and tenacity on the part of politicians. They will have to put people above party. Story has consistently demonstrated those qualities. She will not put our families at risk or compromise Juneau’s priorities for special interests.

Ricardo Worl,


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