Opinion: Leave Title X and my body alone

Opinion: Leave Title X and my body alone

Title X is not broken.

Title X is one of the few positive cornerstones of our American health care system. And it’s working.

Throughout my adult life, thanks to Title X, my reproductive organs are the only parts of my body that have always had access to health care.

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Because of Title X, I’ve never had to worry about whether I could afford the basic care I need: I’m talking about pap smears, cancer screenings and STD testing. In times when I’ve not had insurance, I’ve paid what I could afford because of Title X.

Whether it’s commercial fishing, studying for my PhD, or now working in an office, Title X and Planned Parenthood have always been there for me, helping me to achieve my full potential as an American, as an Alaskan and as a woman.

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President Donald Trump’s proposed gag rule would block thousands of the most vulnerable Alaskans from getting basic health care.

Please leave Title X and my body alone.

Elizabeth Figus,


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