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Opinion: Kiehl is the real deal on education

It’s easy to say, “I support education.” Every politician in this hemisphere shouts it from the rooftops — and most of the time, all they do is make noise. I am a parent of two school-age children, and I am a teacher at one of our local middle schools. I can tell you first-hand that the students in Southeast Alaska need more than noise from their elected officials.

Jesse Kiehl gives Southeast Alaska’s students and educators the real support we all need. He’s voted steadfastly on the Juneau Assembly to fund education all the way to the cap. And then he goes beyond. He also shows up for our kids. Every year, he volunteers his time at our middle schools teaching Outdoor Skills to sixth graders. He also spends time at the high schools listening and talking to seniors in their Government classes. He shows our youth they matter and that they have an important voice in our community.

Angela Noon,


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