Opinion: Keep sidewalks snow and ice free

Opinion: Keep sidewalks snow and ice free

City law require owners/tenants to remove snow and ice, under a penalty of a fine.

Let’s think about Juneau in winter. We are in the sweet spot for ice — and we have it! Over the decades, I have participated in many planning efforts — downtown revitalization, comprehensive plans, blueprints and so forth. Each one says we must make downtown walkable and that a key strategy to do that is to keep the sidewalks snow and ice free. This winter has been especially treacherous. CBJ ordinances require owners or tenants to remove snow and sand ice, under a penalty of a fine.

How many know about this ordinance and what percent actually act on this knowledge? How many people have been fined?

Please let readers know about this legal requirement and ask them to make our city safer for pedestrians.

Chapter 62.15 – ICE AND SNOW REMOVAL

62.15.010 – Required penalty.

(a) Every person having the care and control, either as owner or occupant, of premises bordered by a graded, paved or wooden sidewalk shall remove any snow which may fall thereon, and shall remove or sand any ice which forms thereon.

(b) The failure to remove snow and ice, during any winter season, as provided in this section is an infraction and any person convicted thereof shall for the first offense be fined an amount not more than $25.00; the second offense, not more than $50.00; the third and each succeeding offense a mandatory court appearance.

Margo Waring,


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