Opinion: In support of HB 2001

The world in general is aging but Alaska is on the leading edge of the trend. Seniors are the fastest growing segment of the state population. Some may think that seniors represent a drag on the state economy but many analyses have shown that is not true here. The majority of seniors contribute significantly to the state economy and would do so even more vigorously with a reasonable state income tax, say 4% of our federal tax bill.

If the cuts designed by a hatchet woman from outside who has left a trail of destruction in her wake stand, the wealthier seniors who can afford to relocate may well leave.

Alaska doesn’t have a fiscal problem. The bipartisan, responsible and balanced budget painstakingly crafted during the recent session is proof. We have a revenue problem. Many of the cuts not only do nothing to address revenue but worsen the fiscal picture by rendering ineligible millions of dollars in matching federal and private funds.

We are witnessing the biggest pushback against executive overreach in the state’s history. I’m so thankful that the majority of our legislators are willing to hear the overwhelming testimony from the public and take action so that our young state be not be cut off at the knees.

I’m in favor of HB 2001. It’s a creative and swift compromise to the veto fiasco. It gives me hope that the majority of Alaskans are expressing the urgent need to push back against Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who apparently aims to defraud us.

Dr. Emily Kane,


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