(Michael S. Lockett / Juneau Empire File)

(Michael S. Lockett / Juneau Empire File)

Opinion: I’m leaving town for the cruise season

I’ll be taking my money elsewhere for a while…

May 15. My calendar is marked for the day that I leave Juneau for most of the cruise season, formerly known as “summer.” Because of the incessant audio onslaught brought on by buses, boats and helicopters, my partner and I will be travel to lesser-known destinations in order to enjoy peace from the noise. Don’t get me wrong, I do support and understand the importance of the tourism industry…to a point. What I don’t support is the over-crowding, the pollution and the willingness of our city leaders to sell their souls to the mega-cruise industry. I don’t support the compromise we’re all making to our health, safety and quality of life by encouraging over 1.7 million people be dumped downtown by cruise ships from April through October. I get that it’s all about the money. But when is enough, enough? I’ll be taking my money elsewhere for a while…see you when it’s over!

Suki Patterson,


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