Opinion: I think we should still stay home

“I am quite concerned about the Governor’s decision.”

I am quite concerned about the governor’s decision to open parts of the retail markets.

We are not ready for this, and my biggest concern is the number of lives that will be affected.

How can we socially distance for a haircut? Look what the grocery stores, etc. have done to protect their staff. This makes no sense at this point in time.

I think it is wrong and dangerous to open this community up to the virus now, with limited testing, no medicine, no vaccine and increasing cases. Our efforts over the last month will be for nothing really.

Where is Dr. Anne Zink on this decision, she seems missing from the conversation.

Can the mayor and city administration do what they think is best, like the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia?

I would encourage independent thinking from our city officials.

And I encourage community members to stay hunkered down.

Patricia White,


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