Opinion: How will we heat our homes?

Here is an article I would like to see addressed by the Juneau Empire:

Have we put the cart before the horse in 2021?

With the Keystone Pipeline now halted what are our alternatives to inexpensive, efficient and non-carbon heat sources?

How will Alaska heat its homes? Will Alaskans be able to afford fuel?

What is next? What does the future look like with regard to heating Alaskan homes?

Electric? Powered by what? hydro? OK, when the water levels are acceptable.Otherwise is diesel our other primary source of electric power?

How will Alaskans afford this? Where will the diesel come from?

Wind power? (How are they maintained in our harsh climates?) (How much lubrication do they require?)

(Are we recycling old, broken, or unuseable turbine blades or are we burying them in the ground?)

(How much fuel are we using to deice and maintain wind turbines?)

Solar? How does solar work in a country that is primarily dark or cloudy in the winter?

How are solar panels maintained in harsh winter or windy climates?

Bio? anything?

Pellets? would we have enough to go around?

What kind of security risks for Alaska are we taking by depending on other countries to meet our energy needs?

Will Alaskans freeze in the immediate future?

Theresa Ullmayer,


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