Opinion: Governing by executive order borders on autocracy

Apparently with just the stroke of a pen, President Biden can set laws for the country, raise taxes, put thousands of people out of work and open the borders to the hoards of people who have been led to believe that contrary to what we’ve been taught, there is a free lunch. It’s, at best, disingenuous to be willing to allow thousands into the country to compete with jobs, available health care and low income housing. It would appear that there is no longer a need for Congress when the president can just declare an executive order and install whatever law his little heart desires. In most countries of the world such people are called dictators. With such unlimited power, lets all save the taxpayers the money that’s been wasted on Congress and send them packing. We’re going to need all the money we can get to deal with the upcoming changes that this president wants. Come on man!

Tom Botts,


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