(Ben Hohenstatt / Juneau Empire File)

(Ben Hohenstatt / Juneau Empire File)

Opinion: ‘Feel good’ abortion rally coverage misses the mark

Where are those stories and pictures?

The Juneau Empire recently ran the “feel good” story of women’s health thru abortion, at the Juneau abortion rally, showing the smiling faces of the women holding their signs showing how happy they are to choose abortion and the death of their child. That women have the right to abortion in Alaska all the way through nine months, for any reason that they choose, and yet they hold a rally because they want more? You know, the my body my choice propaganda. But you don’t point out the baby is not their body, it’s a separate body, and what about the baby’s body and their choice. Who speaks for their rights and their choice? Certainly not the sadistic mother wanting to kill their child for convenience. You didn’t tell the whole story. Both sides of the story. Why not?

So how about now running another story with photos of the child being aborted and torn apart, limb for limb. How about that story? With the not so feel good photos of the baby being dismembered and discarded as waste. Or how about the story of the many nurses who have quit the abortion business when it finally dawned on them the horror of dismembering a child and the nightmares they now have.

Or how about the story about the young mother a few years later who is now a mental wreck now that she’s had time to process the horror and destruction she caused to her own child.

Where are those stories and pictures?

I’ll be waiting. But I won’t hold my breath.

Tom Dawson,


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