Opinion: Explaining the concept of white privilege

It doesn’t mean your life can’t be hard.

Alexander B. Dolitsky (“White privilege in today’s America” My Turn, July 15, 2020) makes the mistake many white people make when they hear the term “white privilege”, i.e., equating the word “privilege” with financial advantage. In fact, the term relates to the societal privileges enjoyed by those with white skin, such as freedom from suspicion or other negative emotions or actions put upon Black people in the same circumstances.

White privilege does not mean your life has been easy, that you have not worked hard, or that you do not deserve the things you have achieved. It only means that your life has not been made even harder by the color of your skin. It means you have the privilege of having what is considered to be the most desired skin color in western society and you have enjoyed advantages, big and small, because of it. Your life might indeed have been difficult and crappy, but it would have been even worse for a Black person in the same circumstances

Tracy Ward,


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