Opinion: Empire diminished without photographer position; register to vote

Letters to the editor for Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020

Empire diminished without photographer position

The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council Board of Trustees read with shock and dismay the decision to eliminate the Juneau Empire staff photographer position that has been so wonderfully filled by Michael Penn. This is an immense loss.

Penn could be counted on to be wherever there were performances, exhibits, people of all ages doing interesting things in our community, to share those moments with all of us through his remarkable photography.

We in the arts community want to publicly thank you for those 24 years of helping to spotlight the beauty and brilliance of Juneau, and for his quiet yet meaningful support of the arts.

The Juneau Empire is much diminished without his contributions.

Nancy DeCherney

JAHC Board of Trustees Board of Directors Executive Director

Register to vote

I’d like to advance a query for my greater Juneau area friends and neighbors. First, imagine a president, (or for that matter, a governor), who is competent and compassionate, a fully honest and capable yet humble person eloquent, honorable and wise.

Then, imagine voting for an unequivocal imposter, a criminally corrupt replicant if you will, possessing not a one of those truly desirable qualities above.

Well, I imagine now you might wish to confirm you are registered to vote (the Elections Division is on Main Street, just a block down from the Capitol), and then use your vote to foster giving rise to the former, so as to prevent having to imagine the dishonor of any more of the latter.

Paul Zimmerman


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