Opinion: Earth Day rally is a fight against fossil fuels, NRA

Keep big money out of politics.

There’s a disease wrought by too much political capital in the hands of moneyed interests of oil, gas and coal, and the gun-infatuated National Rifle Association conspiring with legislators to create an impulse-driven, pseudo-intimacy of pretense.

They’re inspiring a democracy that promotes ego-infatuated, fascist personalities who can wield civilly-destructive weaponry. This demands public attention and resolution.

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From voter apathy for the climate catastrophe intoxicating the food chain and fresh water, to this proliferation of militarized firearms assuring completed suicides and residential or public homicides, we as Americans are responsible, nay required, to think clearly and reasonably about these heinous issues and seek their reconciliation.

When polling has shown that over 90 percent of the nation considers this capitalist greed a trapping of our republic, it’s clear our representative democracy is teetering on dysfunction and must be rehabilitated.

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When lead and phosphates enter our freshwater sources without regulation, when our banked glacial reserves of that freshwater flood into an acidified ocean, and when plastic microbeads plug our food chain (and bloodstream) without constraint because our elected officials do nothing, it’s evident our republic is failing in its primary mission to secure safe and healthy citizenship.

Join our Earth Day supplication to the real power beyond our control, our Mother, today at noon in front of the state Capitol where we will rally to stop the fossil fuel industry’s power to command culture and the NRA’s power to demand its machismo.

Keep the big money out of politics and keep guns from the mentally and emotionally disturbed.

John Sonin,


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