Opinion: Don’t clearcut the Tongass

Opinion: Don’t clearcut the Tongass

Four timber sales are in the works.

The Tongass National Forest is one of the few temperate rainforests on earth. It has trees that were mature when Columbus discovered America. Tourists from all over the world hire guides and spend money to see the magnificent, unique landscape. After Tongass Forest Supervisor Earl Stewart has his way with the Tongass, many businesses that depend on tourism will have difficult times.

Stewart plans four timber sales (Central Tongass, Prince of Wales, South Revilla and Wrangell Island). There will be 32.8 square miles of old-growth logging — mostly clearcut. Salmon and trout spawn in the streams. The aquatic habitat where fish spawn will be decimated by 363.8 miles of new sediment producing road.

Why does Stewart choose to serve his corporate masters and backhand the public that provides the money for his salary?

Dick Artley,

Grangeville, Idaho

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