Opinion: Congress must provide emergency funding for elections

Opinion: Congress must provide emergency funding for elections

My nation, my moral center, my “reason to be,” is enshrined by our Constitution. Fulfilling my end of that compact, voting my opinion on whom is best suited to represent that opinion, will requires some accommodation to secure that covenant going forward during this pandemic. Bottom-line, we need to be able to “vote from home” with a mail-in ballot.

Electorally, we all must be able to vote safely from our homes. This means more resources are needed to reinforce the Postal Service and more funds for our ballot processing at the Division of Elections. Experts estimate we need at least $4 billion to make sure states can prepare for elections in this time of coronavirus, and this next stimulus package must include that funding. Congress has already passed $400 million, which gets the process started, now it must pass additional funding to make sure our November elections are secure. Whether we know it or not, our constitutional democracy is the essence, the spirit, the fulcrum of choice that lever’s within each of U.S. and demands diligent attention of, not only resources from our public treasury, but attention from the “mission” we’ve chosen for each of our lives.

John S. Sonin,


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