Rep. Andi Story, D-Juneau

Opinion: Andi Story works hard for Juneau

Juneau needs every bit of clout in the Legislature as our state faces government deficit.

I have always had respect and high value for people who choose to serve in public office. They make incredible sacrifices of their time and personal life to serve our community and take action on policy that impacts all of us.

I am voting for Andi Story for State House because for nearly 20 years she has enthusiastically committed her time to helping Juneau and our families. I am voting for Andi again, because in her first term representing us, she was smart, strategic and earned her respect from the leadership in the legislature. That level of integrity paid off for Juneau as she was assigned co-chair of the Education Committee as well as being appointed to the Transportation, Labor & Commerce and State Affairs committees.

Juneau needs every bit of clout in the Legislature as our state faces another year of government deficit. Juneau needs Andi’s leadership to speak up on our ferry system, on keeping UAS, and protecting the Alaska Permanent Fund.

The pandemic, the economic shut down and the loss of the entire cruise ship season is creating an additional level of financial challenge for Juneau. Andi’s experience with the budget process and understanding of the state’s revenue options will keep workers, small businesses and Juneau’s priorities at the table.

Ricardo Worl


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