Opinion: Andi Story is steady, strong and reliable

Opinion: Andi Story is steady, strong and reliable

I am writing to support Andi Story for the state House of Representatives. I met Story back in the 1980s when I was a Juneau School District music educator and she worked for Community Schools. We both were interested in providing positive experiences for children.

Later, Story served on the Juneau School Board for fifteen years. She was steady, strong and reliable, working for kids in spite of brutal budget cuts. Now some of those children are voting in this election. As a legislator, I believe Story will continue to work for those young adults, as well as older adults like me, to prioritize the things we value most, like good schools, healthy families and safe communities, even during difficult budgetary conditions.

In a recent meeting with Story I was struck by her demeanor. She was neither aggressive nor passive. She was solid, confident, knowledgeable, and in a political atmosphere that is increasingly more negative, she was kind and positive.

I am supporting Story for the House and I encourage you to do the same.

Linda Buckley,


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