Opinion: Ambler Road is being held hostage

Build that road from Ambler to Nome.

Ambler hostage to legislators from urban areas.

When valuable resources are in remote, unpopulated areas like Northwest Alaska and Seward Peninsula it is hard to get state and federal funds for infrastructure projects, as in roads and sewage plants.. When projects like a road from Red Dog mine to market do get “project” funding, the project is skewed to benefit the nearest urban area.

Build that Ambler Road.

Build it from Ambler to Nome, develop that port to handle ore. A road system in Northwest Alaska would reduce transportation costs, reduce airfares, increase fiber optic communication, expand tourism and start the development of the region in ways that residents can participate in and plan for.

Building that port in Nome, may be a small deal to some, but for the residents of the area it will become a game changer.

Build that road from Ambler to Nome. Let Ambler Road benefit Northwestern Alaska and the Seward Peninsula.

Adeline Raboff,


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