Opinion: Alaway facility is a bad idea

“It’s not a good idea for CBJ to have permitted this.”

I’m a property owner in Juneau and have been following this story for some time. I find it incomprehensible that CBJ would even consider permitting this facility at the proposed location. I can’t imagine there is another facility anywhere else in the nation located in proximity to school zones like this one is.

I listened in on the hearing and it appears that there are no restrictions to housing former inmates convicted of sex crimes although it was stated numerous time there was no “intent” to do so. Really? No intent was good enough for the CBJ? Are you kidding me? As I understand it, there are no provisions explicitly banning this from happening in the future. I believe it was a really poor decision on the part of the CBJ to permit this facility without more stringent guidelines.

Actually, it’s reprehensible that this facility has been approved anywhere close to a school zone, playground or anywhere where children are actively moving about their lives wanting to be safe from potential felons preying upon them.

I currently live south but spend a great deal of time each year in the neighborhood that will be most affected by this facility.

It’s not a good idea for CBJ to have permitted this. It’s proven over and over again that situations like this, that what the CBJ is promoting will eventually hurt the community it’s placed in such proximity to.

Editor? You do the research with an open mind. If you had children living in this community how would you feel? Would you want this next to your school zone and next to your children?

It’s a really bad choice. And family’s and possibly children may pay the price.

This certainly will prove to be a mistake.

Brad Rogers,

Folsom, California

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