Opinion: Alaska’s leaders are acting antithetical to Native values

Opinion: Alaska’s leaders are acting antithetical to Native values

Alaska has been fighting colonization for generations.

Alaska has been fighting colonization for generations. In 200 years, colonized society has proven itself not only unsustainable, but successful in exploiting, and depleting resources with no regard for who it impacts, or how devastating it is to the environment. The fabric that weaves us all together is that which lays beneath our feet; the foundation that all life is connected to. The earth and water.

This administration has advanced its every iniquitous passion against the land, and against the people of the land since it has been turned over to this administration.

Those leaders include our own.

U.S. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, and Rep. Don Young. Gov. Bill Walker, Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott and everyone whose work is directly connected to the Hill in Juneau.

We’ve seen appointments of inept leaders, and corrupt conflicts of interest with every step of this administration.

We’ve seen them lie about the truth that happened in the public eye, as if we wouldn’t recognize their falsehoods, like the kid with chocolate on their face, swearing they have no idea what happened to it. That’s how they operate. This is why they’re a mockery.

Native culture teaches to respect; the ruling belief of Natives is that if you disrespect one in a circle, you disrespect all.

These leaders believe that they are not disrespecting anyone with their choices; that they’re choosing jobs, money and prosperity. That they’re creating opportunity.

Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, pushing to open the Tongass, fighting the roadless rule, appointing Judge Brett Kavanaugh, all of this is disrespect to those of us who live off the land, and that is why their leadership erodes us.

Even if they don’t appoint Kavanaugh, they have proven where their loyalty lies. With the pockets and greed of capitalism over the pristine frontier that sustains all that upholds the value of Alaska.

Murkowski must be clear to the people of Alaska where her loyalty lies by voting no on Kavanaugh.

Jennifer Quinto,


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