Opinion: Alaska Veterans For Peace denounce offensive statements regarding service members

We adamantly oppose anyone referring to U.S. service members injured or killed in war as “losers.”

As a group, Veterans For Peace advocates against war, but we also respect and honor the sacrifices of our fellow service members. Therefore, we are adamantly opposed to anyone referring to U.S. service members injured or killed in war as “losers” or objecting to wounded veterans participating in military parades. As a nation, we need to support our military, not only by not sending them overseas to fight wars for profit, but also by supporting the returning veterans and showing proper honor and respect to those that didn’t return.

Instead of referring to veterans as “losers’ or “suckers” the president, as commander in chief, should be appalled that one-third of homeless Americans are veterans, that veteran suicide rates are unacceptably high, and that the Veterans Affairs health care system is underfunded to meet its needs. As the lead representative of the American people, the president should instead be duty-bound to pay our nation’s respect to the war dead wherever they lie, interred at Arlington or an American cemetery in France.

Craig Wilson,

President for Veterans For Peace Chapter 100

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