Opinion: Alaska relies on open, free internet

But liberals in Congress want to stop our progress.

Over the past 30 years, the internet has flourished. The internet has and continues to propel new innovation across a variety of sectors. From small businesses to medicine to defense, the internet continues to push the bounds of innovation.

Alaskans depend on this connected technology to propel advancements that improve their everyday lives. 5G technology is finally on the horizon in The Last Frontier and will open the door to new possibilities.

But liberals in Congress want to stop our progress. They want to impose Depression-era regulations that will hinder growth and take over the Internet, even though the internet has flourished over the past three decades without government intervention.

In Alaska, we rely on an open and free internet. New advancements like distance learning will improve the lives of Alaskans all across the state. We need our representatives to stand up to the liberals in Congress and shut down government over-regulation of our internet.

I have been a resident of Alaska for 48 years and am an avid internet user.

Mary Barr,


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