Opinion: Alaska needs more relief funding

Opinion: Alaska needs more relief funding

If you’re like me, COVID-19 has changed your life.

If you’re like me, COVID-19 has changed your life. It probably has made you anxious, stressed, and worried. With school back in session, the anxiety and stress has only increased for families.

On top of that, we’re also witnessing multiple Alaska businesses go under or shut their doors. Our communities are dealing with increased need for social services. Moreover, we all know someone that is unemployed, laid off or worse yet, has the virus.

Unfortunately, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The recession has cratered sale tax revenues for Alaska’s local governments. At the state level, Alaska is facing a 11% budget gap this year and a 15% gap next year. This means that in the next year, we could see massive cuts. Everyone’s quality of life will suffer.

This isn’t just an Alaska problem. It’s a national problem. That is why we need to come together to urge Senators Sullivan and Murkowski to put partisan politics aside and fund the frontlines. There is too much at stake and too much to lose with inaction.

This legislation has been sitting in the Senate since May of this year. It provides $1.2 trillion in relief to states and local governments. For Alaska, this aid will provide approximately $3 billion to help us through the next budget year. This funding includes relief for our schools, police and fire departments, nursing homes, care facilities, and more. This aid will support working Alaska families including our veterans. Without it, our veterans and Alaska frontline workers could be thanked for their heroic services with a layoff letter or pink slip. Let’s not let it get to that point.

Contact Senators Sullivan and Murkowski today and tell them we need to pass H.R. 6800 now!

Jake Metcalfe,


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