Opinion: A rough-cut toilet tissue

It seems Proctor & Gamble is opting to soften their Charmin toilet paper, or have their paper towel Bounty, absorb your spilled mishaps, through rough-cutting and clear-cutting our arboreal forests, specifically those in Canada (as in the climate-softening and carbon-absorbing Tsongas National Forest) simply because these globally available arboreal resources have the cheapest overhead to maximize their profit margin; but in today’s climate-confused, temperate (or temperament) imbalanced global weather catastrophe. That real cost is assumed by you and your children, unacknowledged until Mother Nature is granted citizen’s rights, and will have pay-back of irreparable harm for eons.

We need P&G (especially after the 2010 Supreme Court decision, deeming they and their ilk a voting corporate citizen) to start adhering to the Golden Rule (do unto others…) as every other member of democracy must do if we wish to sustain this civil human experiment through generations to come!

John Sonin,